Python autocompletion in VIM

Having autocompletion (and some other nice stuff) for Python in VIM is not only a nice feature, but something allowing you to be more efficient when programming Python.

First see the result:


To make the functionality (and color scheme) available, download the tarball (pythonVim.tar.gz) and extract it in your home directory (i.e. /home/your_user_name), execute the file to install the neccessary plugins (make it executable first, e.g. by chmod u+x, and add the content of the .vimrc to your .vimrc file. Next time you start VIM, you should have autocompletion available…

Requires VIM 7.3 or above (check with vim -version). You can get this from the VIM FTP archive at Download the archive and extract it, then do the following to install in the local users home directory with Python support enabled:

./configure –with-features=huge –enable-pythoninterp –prefix=$HOME
make all install

Make sure to add $HOME/bin to your $PATH, so the right vim is picked.